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Move your business online- Trading Online Voucher Scheme

I’ve been collaborating with Partas for several years, and I’m proud of the outcome of our work.

Partas mission is to build an inclusive and thriving community by being a leading source of excellence in development of local enterprise and of social economy, and Messori Marketing wants to help on this.

Together with Partas, we are helping entrepreneurs to apply for the Trading Online Voucher Scheme and to move their business online. If this sounds interesting contact us immediately as the deadline is the 30th of September. 

Here's an infographic explaining the three steps in moving your business online.

Messori Marketing and Partas, Move your business online

Find more info about taking advantage of the Trading Online Voucher Scheme in this video.

Not only we will help you in designing your digital identity, but we will show you how to take control of your website and manage it without the need of a developer.

We have been training our clients remotely, and they can now Blog regularly and update their website successfully.

For more info about this, use the speech bubble below or drop us an email.

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