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digital marketing online training & courses

Would you like to create an online presence that you can edit, manage and control without depending on a developer?

If you are establishing a start-up or running a small enterprise, plenty of solutions enable you to create and manage your online presence.

At Messori Marketing, we not only introduce you to these platforms but show you how to use them for your needs.

Our digital marketing training online courses are tailored around you, your resources, and availability.


The courses are delivered in person or remotely. 

online training

Digital Marketing Online Training Courses


Digital marketing online training & courses

About the training sessions:

  1. Created around you, your needs and capabilities.

  2. Delivered remotely one-to-one or in a team.

  3. Recorded so that you can access them after the session.

  4. Hands-on, you will learn by doing.

  5. Enjoyable and centred on your current level of proficiency.

Pricing from:

  • € 150/Hr

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