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Digital graphic design 

Graphic design for your digital needs. 

Designing meaningful graphics gives your online presence the credibility needed to stand out from the crowd.

The quality of your product and service needs to be reflected in the quality of your promotional material, frequently providing your first point of contact with users. 

Creating an online experience highlighting the unique features of your offer in a well-designed manner will boost your ability to convert users into customers. 

graphic design

Digital Graphic Design Online Training Courses

Graphic design

Design your online presence:

About Digital graphic design:

  1. Communicate by visualising data through infographics.

  2. Create and schedule social posts for your main events. 

  3. Prepare sleek presentations for your talks.

  4. Design a logo matching your identity and choose the 'colour palette' appropriate to your online presence. 

  5. Create promo material as product and service brochures.

  6. Add a touch of design to your content.

Pricing from:

  • € 150

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