Digital marketing — becoming a content creator

Digital has changed the role of the marketer forever.

Back in the days the job of marketers was to create physical content (catalogues, brochures, calendars, etc.) to give to the sales team to help them in closing a sale.

Marketers hardly knew their customers and had little iteration with them.

The power of digital marketing has changed this irreversibly.

Marketers have now become creators of content.

Becoming a digital content creator

What's the role of content creators? How does digital make creating content more valuable?

The major role of the content creator is starting a conversation with the users and customers.

Marketing has changed from being a monologue, (our company creates, our products are, etc.) to be a dialogue between people sharing the same passion, wants and needs.

The evolution and the democratization of digital capabilities enable marketers to communicate synchronously and asynchronously with their community. It's up to the community to decide if it's worth spreading the word about a company or not.

Digital marketing promotion

Despite the astonishing array of new digital tools to communicate with users and clients, many marketers are challenged and reluctant to embrace them.

At Messori Marketing we offer online training sessions for organizations struggling to understand and to adopt digital communication channels to their marketing effort.

At Messori Marketing we assist you to produce digital graphic design, promo and social videos, websites, etc. reflecting your brand, personality and identity.

Start your journey as a content creator,

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