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Designing your online digital footprint. 

At Messori Marketing we aim at making you and your organisation able to create and manage your online presence.

Our approach is training centred - we guide you in designing an online presence reflecting your values, culture and your offer. 

We support our clients in creating their websites and their digital content. Videos, logos, social media and infographics are just an example of our work.  



Website Mockup

basic & Ecommerce

Design your online presence online

Stefano is a Design Strategist, Remote Trainer and Facilitator. Stefano helps organisations to innovate sustainably by using creative and design thinking. Messori Marketing, his latest creation, aims at fostering digital literacy in organisations and move them towards a content-driven approach to market their product and services. 

Pricing from:

  • Design Strategist in residence at The Edge

Virtual Team Meeting

Learning managment systems

Design your online schools, live sessions & booking systems.

Marz is an artist. She is the cofounder and main decorator of MAKA ceramics. Having worked in IT for a good few years, she matches her passion for art with the digital space. Marz brings to our clients the simplicity of successful brands and an unique online presence.

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